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A Thank You --
Our first two goats were unregistered and especially cantankerous.  Since we needed the goat's milk because of our son's cow milk allergy, we decided to try and stick with goats even with our poor experience.  A friend of ours, Colette Kemper of the Midnight Oil herd, told us about a goat for sale that she had seen at the Oregon State Fair.  This led us to Helen Reasoner, owner of the Leap 'N Leabo herd.  She looked out for us and set us up with our first two quality milk goats for which she will always have our gratitude!  As a result of owning these two goats, we fell in love with the Alpine breed!  Thank you, Colette and Helen, for your ever patient answers to all of our questions!
Herd Information --
Our goats are fed Eastern Oregon alfalfa and orchard grass hay, a supplemental black oiled sunflower seed/oat mixture, free choice selenium based minerals, and kelp with soda.  We administer BO-Se , vaccinate with Covexin-8, and have a routine de-worming  program. that includes pasture rotation.
We will be participating in the 2007 Linear Appraisal session and will be starting DHIR testing in 2007 as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them!

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