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In Treasure and Trinket's Memory

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David saved up his money for months for his dream to start his own meat goat herd.  It was all going to begin with "Treasure" and "Trinket".  He waited in anticipation for the "big" day when he would get to see his first  kids out of his own does. 
Treasure and her buckling left us on February 18, 2005 due to toxic grain poisoning with all of us standing there and no power to help her.  It was very quick but at the same time took forever.
We lost Trinket April 9th, 2005 to kidding complications that we were not able to correct.  

His Treasure and Trinket
Farewell our friends--
we feel your loss keenly
We will never forget this year even though at times we would like to.  It has been a painful one indeed, although filled with growth and learning as well.  We have learned the value of these animals we call "friends".   
There is a hole in our group out in the pasture now.  It feels a little less full, and we constantly look for our friends when we go into the barnyard only to sorely miss them. 
Here is looking at better years to come and remembering to not take our beloved animals for granted while they are here with us.  There are no guarantees they will be there tomorrow. 
May God heal our hearts and give us hope for the future to rebuild a new dream.

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