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Sequoia Wood ACCP Promissio

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2yo photo

Yearling photo '06

DSS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Cadillac Jack
DS: *B Leap 'N Leabo Cracker Jack
DSD:  Leap 'N Leabo Southern Mandy 3*M
D: Leap 'N Leabo CJ Pieta 8*M
                              (4-02 85/+VVV)
DDS:  +*B Goodtree ZBO Logan
DD: Leap 'N Leabo Mary's Marion 7*M
DDD:  Leap 'N Leabo Mary 6*M

2007 Show Record:
Shown 4x:  1x 1st, 1x 2nd, 2x 3rd

2008 Freshening:
Natural breeding:

SSS: +*B Willow Run Caesar
SS: *B Willow Run Caesar Redemption
SSD:  SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 3*M (4x Nat'l Champ.)
                               (4-01 92/EEEE)
                                     (1-03 87/VVV)
SDS: +*B Hoach's Revolution (5-03 90/EEE)
SD: Waiilatpu HR Abigail 3*M
SDD: SG Waiilatpu Cowboy's Amethyst 2*M
       (3-04 90/EEVE)  ('99 Nat'l 1st 3yo, BUOB)

Linear Appraisal:
2005: 0-04 VVEc/V
2006: 1-04 83/+VAV
2007:  2-04 88/VVVV

Promise is a very large, tall doe that needs a little more time to grow into herself.  Her Gen. App. and body capacity final score during the 2006 appraisal reflected her immaturity. She appraised a final score of 83 as a first freshener.  It will be exciting to see how she scores this year.  She has room for more growth, but has really filled out in the last year.
As a yearling she came in with enough production that her young body was not keeping up with it.  After putting her on a feed change we were able to curtail her production to about 8lbs a day.   She is a very consistent and stable milker.  She finally dropped to about 3/4 gallon a day at 8 months fresh as a yearling.  This year as a 2yo she milked 13.8lbs at a little over one month fresh on DHI.  Still a little immature, we feel she is an extremely solid doe, both in structure and production. 

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