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*B CH Mt. Zion WGU Atrides

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Atrides 2yr

SSS:  ++*B Sand-Dance HLS Rico Suave'
SS: ++B Hoach's SRS Goliath
SSD:  Hoach's QAAG Goldensong 2*M
S: ++*B Waiilatpu Goliath's Ulysses
     (6-04 91 EEE)
SDS:  SG +*B Waiilatpu Yreka Newbold
SD: GCH Waiilatpu Newbold Duchess 5*M
       (6-02 88 VEEV)
SDD: Hill N Holler Chardi Kita 4*M

Linear Appraisal:
2005: 1-03 VEV/88

Sequoia Wood MZA Rosita

Sequoia Wood MZA Taaffeite

DSS:  SG ++*B Shahena'ko Sake
DS:   SG +*B Mt. Zion Sake Child Stephen
DSD:  SG Mt. Zion DBL Tuesday's Child 2*M (4-04 90 EEEE)
D: SG Mt. Zion CS Bette Mae 6*M
     (6-02 88 VEEV)
DDS: +*B Mt. Zion Paso Celestial
DD: Mt. Zion Celestial Cindy Mae 5*M 
DDD: Mt. Zion Sassy Cindy 4*M

Atride's dam Bette Mae
Photo courtesy of Mt. Zion Dairy Goats.

Milk-Xpress MZA Sapphire

Atrides is a very long, tall, uphill buck.  In this year's kid crop he has improved length, stature, front end assemblies, depth of body, straight legs, and leg curvature. 
Atrides dam is number 3 on the 2005 top 15% list for alpines for yield  so we expect a lot of milk from this guy.  Bette Mae, according to Shari Reyna of the Mt. Zion herd, was always milked 2 years between breedings.  Her lactation as a 4yo was (305-3300-130-3.9%) .  She received 2 GCH legs before laying down in the ring and refusing to be shown.  Fortunately, Atrides, doesn't do that. :)  If anything he loved being in the show ring and was absolutely perfect!
Atrides was high on the 2004 young sire development list, so we are looking forward to infusing his fabulous genetics into our herd!
Atrides has relocated to Gahama Goat Farm in Minnesota.  We will continue to use him via A.I.

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