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Hill N Holler Navarre Affirm

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3yr 2nd freshener

SSS: ++*B Serendipity's Design Concerto
SS:  *B Exemplr Concert Master AI
SSD:  Lot-O-Love Martina's Mia 2*M
SIRE:  Hill N Holler CM Navarre
SDS: *B Hill N Holler SM Elevation
SD:  CH Hill N Holler El Vanila
SDD: Hill N Holler Sky Vivage

Linear Appraisal:
2006: 3-03  84/VE++

2007 Freshening:
Natural breeding: Waiilatpu WRR Acceleration

DSS:  GCH ++*B Abundance Danish Classic
DS: +B Maple-Glen Classic's Elite
DSD:  Maple Glen RB's Emily 8*M
DAM:  Hill N Holler Elite Allene
DDS: Y-Knot SS Beau Brummel
DD: Hill N Holler Beau Avant 1*M
DDD:  Hill N Holler Viking Avant

Affirm appraised very well in '06 considering she travels so poorly.  Her way of dealing with stress is not to udder up and combined with the fact that she has had single litters the last two freshenings her udder was not up to par.  You will see this reflected in her final appraisal score, especially since she is a rather large doe.   We travelled 1 1/2 hrs. to appraisal and took a heavy hit in her score because of that lack of production. The appraiser said there would have been a significant difference in her score if her production had been up since in 4 out of 8 structural categories she scored an E.  She scored E's in front/rear legs, back, and rump; V's in head and shoulder assembly.
Affirm freshened with 2 kids this year ('07) and has shown a marked improvement in milk production.  She is milking over 1 gal a day at a few days fresh.  This doe has exceptional rear udder attachment.   She has been relocated to the Iroquois-KC herd in Washington.  Thanks, Carmen!

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