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+*B SG Walnut-Fork XE Khartoum
(6-02 91/EEE) 

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SS:  ++*B Sodium Oaks Yankee (3-04 90/EEV)
Sire:  +*B Kevin's Xtreme Exurbanite (5-04 88/VEE)
SD:  GCH Sodium Oaks Whoopee Xtremist 5*M

DS: ++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro
Dam:  SGCH Paisley Park T. Kenya 6*M (8-02 92/EEEE)
DD:  GCH Shahena'ko Sasin Katrina 5*M (7-04 89/EEEV)

Quote from Shari Reyna's MT Zion Website:
" I had long admired Lynn Benedict's animals and purchased this particular buck because his pedigree combines the best of conformation and milk production.  His dam, Kenya, was 1998 Reserve National Grand Champion, and her lifetime production record is 2561d, 21,950m, 863f, 705p.
Khartoum's daughters are uniformly outstanding.  He particularly puts on foreudders to die for!  On top of that ...they milk!  Check him out on the ADGA website!"

Khartoum Daughters and the Superior Genetics that he passes on:
SG MT Zion Khartoum Love Feast 4*M (90/VEEE)
PTI:  135  159
SG MT Zion Khartoum Sahara 7*M (91/VEEE)
PTI:  129   225
SG MT Zion Khartoum Jalisco 7*M (90/VEVE)
PTI:  153  226
SGCH Towhee Farm Khartoum Fable 5*M (92/VEEE)
PTI:  132  215
(Maggiore owned by Sequoia Wood)
SGCH MT Zion Khartoum Promenade 7*M (92/EVEE)
PTI:  155  226
(Owned by the Reasoners of Leap 'N Leabo)
SG MT Zion Khartoum Lover's Leap 7*M (89/VVEE)
PTI:  124  131
SG MT Zion Khartoum Gaza 3*M (88/VEEV)
(1st freshener milking through when appraised)
(Littermate to Asmara, below)
PTI: 108  146
SG MT Zion Khartoum Asmara 3*M (91/VEVE)
PTI: 134  193
2005 Alpine Top 10
(Owned by Shady Shamrock)
SG MT Zion Khartoum Bee Sweet 3*M (90/VVEE)
PTI:  163  196

Many thanks to Shari Reyna, from the MT Zion herd, for allowing us the opportunity to breed these fine genetics into our herd.
Thanks, Shari!

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