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Sequoia Wood NW
Luxurious Bath and Body Products
"The Milky Way"

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Lip balms

Non-petroleum, non-paraben based lip balms made with high quality oils.  All lip balms come in a shrink-wrapped .15oz twist tube.

Intensive Care Lip Balm
$1.99 ea
A cool refreshing balm with a smooth glide.  Enriched with lanolin, vitamin E, Peppermint and Spearmint essential Oils.

Silken Comfort Lip Balm
$1.99 ea
A creamy, moistening, balm with a silky feel and minimal gloss. Enriched with mango butter.

The Worker Bee Balm
$1.99 ea
Smooth, glossy with the slightest taste of honey. My three favorite oils enriched with vitamin E.

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Balms for the Feet

A light, fast absorbing, non greasy balm for the problems areas we experience...especially as we get older. No need to wear socks to protect things from getting sticky.  This has made a world of difference when used on elbows and more importantly heels of feet!  Heels that were once cracked and split are now soft and smooth.  Give it a try and it just may work for you too!

Gentle Glide Foot and Heel Balm
Available in a:
4oz Jar........$6.99ea
2oz. Jar.......$4.50ea