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Alpine Foundation Does For Mini Alpines

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Mt Zion Satie Petite Danse
DOB: 3/27/06
Black and white pied; wattles


 SS: *B Nodaway Rachel's Renoir (4-01 88/VEE)
Sire:  Nodaway Sadie's Erik Satie
SD:  Nodaway DB Sadie (4-04 92/EEEE)
DS:  +*B SG Mt Zion Oregon Child
Dam:  SG Mt Zion Oregon Promise 6*M (4-11 88/+EEE)
DD: Mt Zion Teton Prudy 5*M (7-04 90/VEVE)
Danse was the alpine raffle doeling at the 2006 MegaBucks show down in Central Point, Oregon.  I stuffed the jar to win this little gal and I'm glad I did.  She is just lovely!  With a wild eye catching color pattern, no one can say Danse is boring.  Incredible width in the back end, with a high escutcheon, straight legs and tight angular shoulders are Danse's high points.  She is the paternal sister to Maggiore.
A huge thank you to Shari Reyna, from MT Zion Dairy Goats, for supporting the Megabucks show with her donation of Danse!
Bred to:  AGS Twin Creeks Fax Tortuga ~ Due Date 4/16/07
Nigerian buck for first generation Mini-Alpines 

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Sequoia Wood MZA Taaffeite
DOB: 3/30/06
Two-tone chamoisee; wattles


SS: +*B Waiilatpu Goliath's Ulysses (91/EEE)
SD:  SG Mt Zion CS Bette Mae 6*M (6-02 88/VEEV)

Taffy is a very dairy doeling with a wonderful topline and open escutcheon.  She is a delight to the eyes especially with a muted white splash on both her upper and lower lips that looks like she has a milk moustache! :)

Bred to:  Midnight Oil OT Mini Cooper: Due 4/07/07
Taffy freshened on 4/6/07 with a single Mini Alpine Doe!

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