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I first started Wood 'N Valley as a meat goat farm in 2004 when I was 13 years old.  Now, I have a dairy doe and 2 meat does.  
My first year in goats, I purchased a doe from my 4-H leader that, when I showed her at the Linn County Fair, took first in her class.  I then also purchased her littermate sister.  I bred them both in their first year.  Unfortunately, the next spring, tragedy struck.  I accidently left a gate unlatched, and Miss Loose Lips, one of my mother's does, released everybody into our shop, where all of the grain was kept.  The first doe that I had got bloat, and we were too late to save her.  Her sister survived, but died due to kidding problems a month later. 
My same 4-H leader then gave me Cherry, now two years old.  Kat Drovdhal, of the Fir Meadow Lamanchas herd, gave me a certificate and I used it to get Tosha from her, a 50% alpine/50% boer cross (Thank you, Kat).  I bred Tosha that year, holding over Cherry, and and the result: Mosaic and Abraham.  Unfortunately, Abe and Mosey's sire and grandsire both died due to pnuemonia that year so, I gave Abraham to his sire's owner, but kept Mosey, who is now the prettiest meat goat I've ever had.
I have high hopes for my goats, and for future generations of goats born in my herd.

David Hamilton
Albany, OR 97322