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Waiilatpu WRR Acceleration

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SSS: ++*B Kara Kahl Awesome     
SS: +*B Willow Run Caesar
SSD: GCH Maple Glen PM's Carrie 6*M
S: *B Willow Run Caesar Redemption
SDS: ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
SD: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 3*M (4-01 92 EEEE) 
SDD: Hidenvaley-Acres Richelle 2*M

Linear Appraisal:
2005: 1-03 87/VVV
2007:  3-03 88/VEV

Semen available:  5/$100

Sequoia Wood ACCP Promissio
Daughter in herd

Sequoia Wood ACC Beatitude
Daughter in herd

Sequoia Wood ACC High Acclaim
Daughter in herd

DSS:  ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
DS: +B Hoach's Revolution (90 EEE)
DSD:  CH The Hoach's Rose Reflection
D: Waiilatpu HR Abigail 3*M             
(4-05 90/EEEV) (1 GCH leg)
DDS:  +*B Waiilatpu Jim Cowboy (91 EEE)
DDD: Waiilatpu Goliath's Amaranth 1*M

Acceleration's Dam: Waiilatpu HR Abigail 3*M

ADGA '05 Nat'l 3rd pl. yearling/1st udder
Littermate Sister: Waiilatpu WRR Abby (2-05 89/VEVE)

Acceleration's line is infused with many national champions. 
On his paternal side, his sire Redemption, is a full brother to Willow Run Caesar Raisa, the 2001 Res. Nat'l Champion.  He is also littermate to Willow Run Caesar Revenge the '04 ADGA Nat'l 1st 2yo, and '06 ADGA Nat'l 6th 4yo and Reserve Alpine Best Udder of Breed.  Redemption's dam, Rishona, has been National Champion in 2000 &  2002 with BU, 2003 Res. BU, and 2004 Grand Champion Sr. Alpine.  
On the maternal side, Acceleration's dam, Abigail, received a wonderful LA 88/VVVE as a yearling milker.  Abigail's dam, Waiilatpu Cowboy's Amethyst, won 1999 Nat'l Best Udder of Breed and 1st place 3yo/1st udder as well.  Acceleration's littermate sister Waiilatpu WRR Abby placed 3rd place/1st udder as a yearling at the 2005 ADGA National show. 
Acceleration is a HUGE, buck (LA 50 in stature) has tremendous length and strength of bone; two traits that he generously passes on to his offspring.  His kids generally seem to need some time to mature.  He consistently smooths out shoulder assemblies and general blending, increases dairyness, and width.   In particular, he has been exceptional at putting on rear, and fore attachment.  It has been amazing.  His daughters are excellent producers thus far with excellent teat placement.

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