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Sequoia Wood MZA Rosita

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DOB: 2/20/06
Broken Chamoisee


SS: +*B Waiilatpu Goliath's Ulysses (91/EEE)
SD:  SG Mt Zion CS Bette Mae 6*M (6-02 88/VEEV)
DS: +*B Leap 'N Leabo Aries Hail
Dam: Leap 'N Leabo Belecia (2-03 87/+VVE)
DD:  Leap 'N Leabo CJ Pieta 8*M (4-02 85/+VVV)

Rose is a very tall, elegant doe with a beautiful udder. She has gorgeous height and width to the escutcheon arch with very nice teat dilineation and udder width.  
She will most likely not be shown this year as due to the heavy milk load, she is not looking as fleshed out as we would like.  Not to mention that she has been self sucking her udder which had been making her look quite uneven before we figured out what was happening.  We are in the process of trying to break her of that habit.  Hopefully, we will be able to curtail that, as we feel she has much potential.
Her 3yo dam, Belecia, when sold, was milking 14lbs a day at 6 weeks fresh. Rose seems to be following in her dam's hoofprints with her first test being 9.2lbs milk at 27 days fresh. If she had not been self sucking it most likely would have been higher.  Rose should earn her star this year which would have made her a 10*M doe, but we sold Belecia, her dam before we could get Belecia on test which broke that link.  :(

DHIR Test Yield Data: ('07 In Process)
Linear Appraisal:
2007: 84/VV++

2008 Freshening:
Natural breeding:

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